Drive me Crazy, Google

google, drive me crazy

I have just recently been introduced to the pleasure of using Google Docs. Frankly, if it was only of me, this single argument would be enough to have you, devoted teachers and assiduous students, add it to your toolbar: Neither printer nor paper needed anymore, but only a computer and a little electronic magic! At last, a tool that allows teachers to give assignments, and students to hand them in without multiplying the quantity of paper traveling from home to school.

Still, let me illustrate several possible uses of Google Drive in the classroom (for I cannot conclude my article here):

  • If the teacher builds her lesson plan on Google Docs and shares it with her students, any update will simultaneously be seen by them.
  • The teacher may easily and surely share documents with the parents by simply sharing the same document to multiple e-mail addresses (and allowing “Consultation” only).
  • Using a spreadsheet, one may coordinate sign-ups for group activities, parent-teacher meetings, oral presentations, etc. (+)
  • Google Docs is the best tool for (messy) teachers to get organised! Especially the ones with several groups/courses/levels in different schools. When all documents stay at one defined place, bad surprises (Where’s the exam? Where is Johnny’s assignment?) are less likely to occur. (+)
  • When sharing a written production on Google Docs and allowing “Comments”, the students can receive specific feedback from the teacher (or other classmates) directly on the page, and refer back to it anytime.
  • Google Forms, another function of GD, is perfect to create all kinds of tests and surveys. I would use it to learn more about the students’ interests, to keep track of their readings, to build formative tests, opinion surveys, and much more! (+)

Not convinced yet? Google Docs is available 24/7 and its storage capacity is UNLIMITED. How about that?


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